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About Us

Optimal Wellness Pharmacy is a different kind of pharmacy. We pride ourselves on being committed to our patients’ individual health & well-being. We provide integrative pharmaceutical care to our patients from prescription services to targeted- disease consultations and personalized therapeutic solutions.

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We are dedicated to providing patients with continued excellence in our services.

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The Optimal Wellness Pharmacy Team

Portrait of Dr. Katherine Diep-Kwei

Dr. Katherine

Compounding and Clinical Pharmacist

specializes in integrative medicine and compounding. Certified in anti-aging hormone restoration, metabolic nutrition, and travel health. Dr. Diep-Kwei focuses in pharmacogenetics and epigenetic influences (environment, diet, lifestyle) to help patients achieving optimal health outcomes

Profile of Tae H. Kim ​

H. Kim


Tae is an Intern Pharmacist & is in his last year at Chapman’s  School of Pharmacy in Irvine, CA. Tae particularly enjoy learning about integrating
pharmaceuticals and non-drug options (diet, lifestyle, nutraceuticals) for disease managements.

Profile of Chris Nguyen


​ Pharmacist

Chris Nguyen is a first year student at Chapman University School of Pharmacy. He has experience in retail pharmacy, industry, and academia and is interested in pursuing a career in clinical and acute care after completing his Doctor of Pharmacy.

Profile of Priti Parikh​


Board Certified Compounding
​pharmacy technician.

Priti Parikh is a highly experienced compounding pharmacy technician. She enjoys preparing personalized medications for patients as she enjoys
preparing nutritious home cooked meals for her families and friends on
regular basis.